Ann M Pratley

Novelist / Creator of Worlds of Imagination


Power Moore Investigation Tales

Special Agents Ashley Power and Tim Moore are eager to solve the cases that come their way.

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Forbidden Conflicts Series

Follow along with two crime families as they face what they do, who comes into each of their lives, and letting go of a type of living that has been happening for generations.

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Chisholm Manor Series

Alessandra and Edward have been betrothed, but it's a long road, relaxing with one another since each has little self-esteem. Once they relax, however, their passion is incredible.

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Painful Deliverance Series

The Painful Deliverance Series holds aspects of obsession, escapism, and one young woman's determination to not provide pain to anyone any more, even for their pleasure.

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The Golden Desires Series

Across distance and time, they found each other, but what is driving the ability for Trent to be able to see Isabella, in her village that is in existance hundreds of years ago?

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Freedom of Flight Series

Delve into the world of some special young adults who are learning about who they are - and what they are. Initially, each thought they were the only ones of their kind.  Not so!

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Total Freedom Series

In her teenage years, Debbie meets two men. One, she will eventually marry. The other, she will lose the friendship of. Embark on a story that spans decades, from the flush of young love, to the maturity of losing a loved one, and renewing a long lost friendship.

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Four Swords Series

In the kingdom of the House of Mordasini, a young prince knows he is next in line for the throne ... and is impatient to take the power from his father. While waiting for his time to come, planning continues for the return of a beast that comes every eighty years, to feed and cause destruction.

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Standalone Romance

After a standalone romance story with a happy ever after? Have a read about these stories, encompassing a main character on their search for the perfect match, and the hurdles they must overcome to find true fulfilment.

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